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Graphic Design Retainer


Wander Design Co. strives to build long-lasting partnerships with our clients. With my retainer program, I become your on-demand designer, giving you the opportunity to utilize my services over time, and on your own schedule. Not to mention you will enjoy faster turnaround times because I will know your design needs and taste best.

My goal is to provide a consistent and flexible service that you can rely on so your brand stays in line with its identity and blooms beautifully. The retainer is only available to clients that have purchased a brand identity package or another project with me previously, for I am very selective with the type of client I serve. Available in three-month contracts after the first-month trial.

The Benefits:



Obtain substantial savings by pre-purchasing hours of graphic design services. Buying in bulk will lock in a lower rate than my a la carte rate.



No agreements to sign for each individual project and no waiting for proposals per project. Plus, enjoy the peace of mind that I am already familiar with your business.



Pre-booking my availability for the month gives you my undivided attention for the number of retainer hours. You get attention to detail and high-quality service every time.



6 hrs/Mo


12 hrs/mo


20 hrs/Mo

Need more info?

The Wander Design Co. Retainer Program is only available to current and previous clients, but please get in contact if you believe we would be a good match!

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