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Brand Identity Packages

So you think you need a new brand identity…

Why? Perhaps because…

  • You feel embarrassed when you meet an ideal customer and they can’t connect with your underwhelming brand
  • Your competitors are more put-together and popular than you while you try hard to stand out and nobody seems to notice
  • You have to keep giving discounts to get anyone to buy from you because they just don’t see the true value you’re giving

It’s ok, many of us have been there, too, when it’s easy to cut yourself short and bend over backwards to get the sales you want. But let me tell you, you can have a business that is successful, popular, and hard to ignore, and what’s more, one where nobody is going to question your price because they see what amazing value you offer!

Together, we can make this dream a reality!

The Signature Brand Identity Process

Transform your business into one you and your customers will rave about plus rightly portray the incredible value you have to offer.

“Giselle has done amazing work for our company! She is reliable, professional and really gets what we are looking for the first time around, with little direction given. Deadlines are always met and she is a pleasure to work with!”

– Barbara Cormier, Uptown Network

Our signature Process:

Our signature process is our secret sauce to develop a brand that you and your customers will adore. It involves getting deep with the discovery stage, drafting one high-quality design concept, and checking each other to stay goal-oriented throughout all of the stages.



To get started, you complete the brand questionnaire to understand every corner of your business goals and your customers.


First Call

We hop on a call to discuss the questionnaire and get further clarification on what you envision for your dream brand and customer.


Discovery Phase

Analyzing all the info we’ve gathered thus far, we research your market and competitors. We then create a moodboard and creative brief.



Finally, onto designing! We first sketch concepts until we craft one that’s hitting all the checkboxes from the Discovery Phase. We flesh it out so you can envision it ‘in the wild’.



We hop on another call to present your new brand identity. We go through all of the rationale of your design and ask for essential feedback. We refine your brand and create the collateral.



After refinement, we deliver your brand files via Google Drive. Congrats! You are now qualified for exclusive client-only discounts and design retainer packages!

“I needed help with my marketing and social media. Giselle came in with fresh ideas, was personable, listened to my needs, and customized my marketing to suit our business. Giselle enhanced our marketing and built a unique way for us to feature our business. We were honored as the business of the year by the City of Port Hueneme in March 2018.”

– Tony Suleiman, State Farm Insurance Agent

So, what are the deliverables?

One professional logo

One alternative logo and favicon

Brand guidelines sheet or book

Typeface recommendations

Color palette

One Revision

The Signature Packages:

Every project is special, and each requires its own specific needs. Please get in contact for a custom proposal. A la carte design collateral and websites are available upon request.

Mini Brand

Best for…

Businesses that are just starting out and want to do so on the right foot, but don’t have the budget or necessity for additional brand elements at the moment.

3 week timeline

One comprehensive logo
Brand guidelines sheet
Submark + favicon
Typeface recommendations
Color palette

Popular Brand

Best for…

Businesses that need to up their game with a more in-depth brand to provide a deeper and more impactful brand experience for their customers.

4 week timeline

One comprehensive logo
Brand guidelines booklet
Submark + favicon
Typeface recommendations
Color palette
1 pattern design
1 marketing collateral

Premium Brand

Best for…

Businesses that want to offer their customers the ultimate experience with more thoroughly crafted brand elements and attention to various aspects of the business.

5 week timeline

One comprehensive logo
Brand guidelines book
Submark + favicon
Typeface recommendations
Color palette
2 pattern designs
2 marketing collateral
Social media templates

Ready for your transformation?

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