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Write Like A MOFO is a highly-curated, membership-based coaching program for business owners that want to skillfully write their own copy and get their writing objectives done.

Target Market

Women 30-55, business owners, equal parts practical advice with room for magic, run a service-based business and/or have small group coaching programs or make a physical product. They’re pretty good writers, academic writers, or are leaving corporate and need help learning to write for an online audience but can’t afford a ghostwriter and/or want to have control over their writing. They’re overwhelmed with all the balls they have in the air and crave SIMPLICITY.

Primary & Secondary Logos

Write Like A MOFO is lead by Jacq Fisch who coaches entrepreneurs and academics to become better writers in a simple and direct, no BS nor slimy tactics way. Therefore, it needs a brand image that captures productivity, accountability, and expertise. I created a brand image that is bold and unfussy, and at the same time friendly and smart.

The Write Like A MOFO brand is inspired by trailblazer brands like Kickass Masterminds and Nike, which I reference with thick, condensed sans-serif type with minimal space between elements. Together, these elements bring home the feeling of no BS and getting things done.

Overall, the primary and alternate logos convey professional and helpful tones that give the impression of a writing community lead by a transformative writing coach.


The productive and community-based spirit of the Write Like A MOFO Community comes to life with custom bold, condensed text in all caps. A similar sans-serif font family, Oswald, is used for the website and all text communications.


The color palette is a bold and powerful collection of orange, white and black. The orange is used for emphasis, while the black is used for remaining text. Together, this palette works in harmony to further produce the characteristics of Write Like A MOFO.


The Write Like A MOFO Community is one of a kind and therefore needs a brand identity that personifies its establishment as a professional and the go-to writing community. Through this application, you can envision how the color, type, brand mark, and logo all come together as a cohesive brand. These images are only mockups to help you imagine the brand in context.

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We only take two new clients per month. This allows us the time to better serve our clients by exploring with them and plan their strategy at a deeper level. So, if you're considering working with us, get us on the phone soon.

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