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Known for taking brands from launch to millions per month in less than a year, Stray Digital owes its success to ‘straying’ from the conventional ways of growing eCommerce brands. Instead, Stray Digital implements creative growth hacking and unorthodox, innovative methods. Therefore, Stray Digital needs a brand identity that is balanced, innovative, and approachable. The logo mark is an abstract geometric representation of a few key features of the brand: a growth bar graph, pixels on a screen, and the act of nonconforming to a straight path. The color palette is a monochromatic blue to represent tech and digital. The unexpected bright blue represents creativity and fun and is designed as the accent color. The typography is a match of a rounded and italicized lowercase treatment plus a narrow uppercase sans-serif treatment. Together, the typography style captures a harmonious blend between a friendly and serious, technological and playful.

Target Market

Businesses doing 3 million+ in annual revenue or startups with significant funding that have yet to launch. Emerging brands that have really interesting/innovative products. Currently, Stray Digital has a significant number of clients in the food and beverage, fashion, sports, and tech fields.

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