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Frost Your Cookie is a sugar cookie bakery that offers sugar cookie classes and parties, sells “Cookies To-Go” kits to decorate at home, and offers custom sugar cookies as a premuim service. Frost Your Cookie strives to cultivate a love for baking and inspire creativity and imagination through the art of sugar cookie decorating.

Target Market

A mother who enjoys throwing parties, especially when it comes to her girls. She loves going all out with a theme, balloon garlands, dessert tables, activities for the guests, and entertainment. She fosters creativity in her children and has a love for DIY and crafting with her kids. She is vibrant, creative, crafty, thoughtful, caring, trendy, a good friend and loves being a mom.

Primary & Secondary Logos

Frost Your Cookie celebrates doing things differently through custom lettering for the primary logo with confetti sprinkled throughout. The elements fill a circular shape which is a nod to a traditional cookie shape.

However, because Frost Your Cookie pivots from the traditional circular sugar cookies that are standard in the industry, the custom illustration of a llama symbolizes the iconic, creative, and trendy cookie creations that owner Anais Weeks offers.

The brand cultivates creativity and curiosity in social settings, as well as provides a fun and safe space to explore and grow in decorating skills and techniques. Frost Your Cookie empowers women and children through donations and visual communications.


The friendly and versatile PT Sans font family helps Frost Your Cookie strike a balance of youthful friendliness and trendy sophistication. Mixing the styles within this font family provide a cohesive and intriguing look, for example, bold headers or widely-spread all-caps letters.

Moreover, the white space between each letter of the small words improves readability. The sans-serif used for the web copy is simpler for better web-use and readability.

The PT Sans font family is the recommended font to use throughout the Frost Your Cookie brand collateral. It features an extensive font family used for various opportunities to establish information hierarchy.

Color & Pattern

The Frost Your Cookie palette is a small collection of vibrant and fun colors to capture a youthful and bold feel. The Pink is the primary color of the brand and is used for accents. The rest of the colors are used minimally. The colors work together harmoniously, especially in custom illustrations that the brand features.

The pattern design is a fun mixture of sprinkles, the logo, and the mascot. The patterns are used in areas where a photo is to be avoided or a solid color falls short of an attractive design.


Custom illustrations and iconography are unique opportunities to channel the brand’s essence into something that will take the identity to the next level. Through this application, you can envision how the color, type, illustrations, and logo all come together as a cohesive brand.

The theme of Frost Your Cookie is to have fun and foster creativity. Therefore, the overall feeling of customer touchpoints should carry the same sentiment. This is achieved by using the logo systems, custom illustrations, and patterns.

The brand remains sophisticated and attractive by clean design and avoiding a cluttered look. You can amp up or down the designs by deciding to use the pattern or just a block of color.

Here are some examples of the Frost Your Cookie brand identity application. This is just the beginning of the exciting possibilities the Frost Your Cookie brand holds. These images are only mockups to help you imagine the brand in context.

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