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Adelyn Zara


Adelyn Zara is an American writer of romance novels. She found her love for writing at the young age of ten, and has been published in magazines. Adelyn will be publishing her first novel in 2019. She strives to inspire her readers with romantic stories about resilient and successful older women struggling with life’s unexpected twists and turns involving women’s health and mental illness.


Young adult to middle-aged women who enjoy realistic romance stories with strong female characters. They are ambitious, college educated, occasionally indulge in luxuries, and live moderately well to very well.


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The logo mirrors the Adelyn Zara ethos “heartfelt resilience” as females in a romantic story. The logo doesn’t tell the whole story, instead, it’s the simplest representation of our ethos at a glance. We allude to who Adelyn Zara is through a clean, professional, and modern typographic design.


Because we want to reframe clichéd romance novels, the typography we use is a departure of the dainty serif logos we often see in the romance genre. Our custom serif type feel romantic yet bold and resilient. We juxtapose minimal and modern fonts as a nod to the strong female characters present in the books.


The color palette is inspired by florals, a common recurrence throughout the Adelyn Zara books. Femininity and boldness are harmonized by the pink primary color. The light color palette and darker tones bring sophistication and an air of mystery to the brand.

The pattern design is a blend of hand-drawn florals with the AZ initials and primary logo nested within. The patterns are used in areas where a photo is to be avoided or a solid color falls short of an attractive design.


Through this application, you can envision how the color, type, brand mark, and logo all come together as a cohesive brand. These images are only mockups to help you imagine the brand in context.

We want to give the reader the power to use her imagination and run with it when she reads about the Adelyn Zara characters. Therefore, we stay away from visually defining images of people. Instead, we utilize images of objects in the story.

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