5 Inexpensive Ways to Upscale Your Brand

Learn 5 inexpensive ways to upscale your brand to achieve a more luxe style and forget the expensive materials you can purchase to raise your customer-perceived value.

There’s something about walking into a store that gives you a good sense of how much their products costs. And especially in places with carefully curated items elegantly displayed on shelves and racks can you expect to pay a pretty penny.

Experiences such as these are great lessons you can implement in your own marketing. If you are finding it difficult to raise your prices, or perhaps your lead to customer conversions are low, you might consider upscaling your brand.

Just like these stores, customers visit your website and get a sense of your value. The way your business carries itself online is just as important as a brick and mortar does, especially if you are not a big name company that can get away with breaking the rules thanks to a widespread audience.

Impressions matter, and in the words of my marketing professor, “marketing is the perceived value to your consumer”. Consumers will justify a price with the value that they create in their minds based on the experiences with your brand.

There are many expensive materials you can purchase to raise your customer-perceived value, like gold foil, thick paper, extra packaging, etc. But I’m here to tell you 5 inexpensive ways to upscale your brand to achieve a more luxe style.

Elegant Typography

Typography is the art and technique of arranging type, or more commonly known as fonts or text. You can manipulate the typography of your brand to upscale your image.

One way is by increasing the tracking of your type. Tracking is a typographical term that refers to the increased or decreased space between letters. It’s a simple effect that adds luxury to words. Observe the following example and notice which brand you would assume offers the higher price point.

5 inexpensive ways to upscale your brand

Another typographical action to make your design more luxe is using a serif font. Serif fonts are fonts with “serifs”, or little ‘feet’, on the ends of the font’s letters. One of the most famous examples of a high-scale brand using solely a serif font as their logo is Tiffany & Co.

5 inexpensive ways to upscale your brand

Color Palettes for Luxury Brands

Neutral color palettes are always a safe bet for luxury brands. The great thing about luxury marketing is that it’s always simple and classy. The beauty and value is in the simplicity of the design. I like to add light colors like blush pink and periwinkle blue to this category.

5 inexpensive ways to upscale your brand

You can also integrate a faux gold foil look to your design and save yourself the premium price of actual gold foil. Here’s an example from the brand identity design I created for Fabulous Hangovers.

5 inexpensive ways to upscale your brand

And, to anybody’s guess, using royal colors in your marketing is a fool-proof way to upscale your business. These colors are mostly royal blue, purple, and accents of gold here and there.

5 inexpensive ways to upscale your brand

Delicacy and Simplicity for an Upscale Look

If you want to implement more elegance throughout your brand experience, I have two words for you: delicacy and simplicity.

Delicate graphic elements always give a sense of luxury and can be used countless ways. Use thin, 1 pixel lines to separate your text, or 1 pixel borders for buttons or borders. Make all of your icons with thin lines.

5 inexpensive ways to upscale your brand

And keep it simple. Add white space between the graphic elements and text. Ample white space is key. One of the greatest examples of white space is Apple, both in their products and their stores.

Want it luxe? Make It French

Think of Versailles, Paris, royalty, and almost all famous luxury brands, and what do they have in common? They’re French.

If your business lends itself well to this tactic, then make it French. This strategy works well with sweets, baked goods, gourmet, luxury products, and of course, French heritage products.

Sugarfina is a perfect example of a gourmet candy store that utilizes both a serif font and French details for its logo.

5 inexpensive ways to upscale your brand

Carry a Sophisticated Brand Voice

Besides visuals, it’s important to note how your brand carries itself by the way it speaks. Choose your words strategically by seeing which words you can switch out for more elegant-sounding synonyms.

Take Cartier for example. Instead of offering “Free Shipping on all Orders” on their website, they say “Complimentary Shipping on all Orders”.

5 inexpensive ways to upscale your brand


So upscaling the elegance of your business will get consumers to place you in a higher price point.

This will help you charge what your products or services are worth, and will turn away customers outside of your target demographic.

But just as you talk the talk, you must walk the walk. If you are marketing a premium service, give a premium experience. Elegant visuals can only take you so far until your reputation catches up with you.

You deserve to earn what you’re worth, and a balance between working hard and working smart will get you there.

So revisit your marketing materials, your website, and maybe even your brand, and see where you can increase the perceived value of your goods by using these five inexpensive actions to upscale your brand.

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