3 Tips to Improve Your Website

As you were going through my website, did you notice the ‘journey’ it took you on? Just like a pleasant in-store experience, your website should take your visitor through a well-crafted and simple path to the information they are inquiring about. Following are three tips to shape up your website to do just that.

1. Keep it simple

First impressions are important. The first page your visitors see is usually your home page. For years now, dynamic slideshows have become the industry standard for the home page. They can be eye-catching and informative in mere seconds. But they can also be overwhelming and tacky if designed poorly. Make sure your website is clean from clutter and unnecessary elements such as extra graphics or text. Less is more in the case of good design as long as you have clearly communicated the information your visitor are inquiring about.

2. Content is king

Likewise, the text and images you provide on your site should be of value to your visitors. Every word has to carry its weight and earn its spot. You can have a pretty website but if your visitor still doesn’t know what your business is about, your site has failed you and the visitor has long moved on.

3. Be consistent

Speaking of content, double check that it stays true to your business identity, also known as your brand. How do you get to know a person? By familiarizing yourself with their consistent behavior and looks through interaction. Your brand identity works the same. Your website needs to stay consistent with colors, fonts, photography style, tone of voice, etc. because these are all elements that contribute to your business identity.


There are many more practices to get yourself to your best website yet, but it can get time-consuming to learn about it all. It’s my job at Wander Design Co. to be up to date with industry website design usability and strategies to keep your visitors coming back and staying on your website longer. Not to mention how great that plays with SEO, which I’ll talk about in a later post!

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