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Your trailblazing design partner.

You’re a pioneer for positive change, and we’ll go to great lengths to make sure the ideal path for your brand's success is clear. More than designers, we’re partners who work with trustworthiness, respect, reliability, patience, and our friction-free process as a North Star. And we can’t wait to blaze trails together.

Our Mission

To see our clients blaze lasting trails.

We’re helping brands leverage their adventurous and noble spirits to build memorable customer experiences through visual design and strategy.

Our Vision

A better quality of life for all.

To help save our home planet and give more people a chance to a higher quality of life by partnering with brands, organizations, non-profits, and movements our clients are spearheading.

Our Guiding Lights

Forging New Paths

Growth, authenticity, and innovation starts with breaking the status quo. We embrace what makes your brand unique rather than what's trending.

Blazing Trails, Together

We know our strengths and weaknesses, so we encourage you to bring your experience to the table. Together, we’ll create the most impactful solutions that are properly aligned to your vision.

Traveling Light

We believe in keeping it simple, focusing on what's important, and working smart. We help you optimize opportunities to automate, simplify, and amplify our efforts.


This is being intentional, analyzing what is and isn't working, and using our collective experiences will give us a strategy that rapidly transports you from where they are to where you want to be.

Going the Extra Mile

We go the extra mile for you with the utmost trust, transparency, respect, reliability, patience, and our trusted friction-free process.

Looking to Our North Star

Your success is our success. We wake up grateful for another day of adventure, another opportunity to help, and another client like you who puts your trust in us.


John Muir — Patagonia — Global Brigades — Prana Clothing — REI — Camp 4 Collective

Exploration is in our bones.

Since 2016, Wander has been known to push boundaries, delight in unexpected discoveries, and embrace our Visuals Without Limits philosophy. We have a fire for new experiences and will do almost anything to avoid boredom and entrapment. Innovative and ambitious, we seek different perspectives and expanded horizons. Plus, we take trail wisdom seriously — committing to leave everything we encounter better than we found it.


When it comes to exploration, you don’t have to go alone. Our clients have access to diligent support, guidance, and our learned wisdom throughout the design journey.


Call it our method, we like to call it leading by insight. Our process helps each and every project run smooth so you can focus on what you do best, charting new business terrain.


Being open to change, flexibility, and going where the wind takes you is par for the course. Our work is also adaptable to meet your needs as best we can.

Ultimately, we strive to be authentically true to ourselves while reconciling a way to still belong to a broader community — and our industry. We’re not afraid to lead, thus enthusiastically guide others through unknown and difficult terrain; both in the wilderness and in business.

So, if we’re speaking your language, let’s explore together.

Our Team of Wander Women

After starting Wander Design Co. in 2016, Giselle has since expanded the business into a nimble team of talented creatives to serve clients with unique design needs.

With a decade of skilled design experience, her expertise is only matched by her limitless attitude and adventurous spirit. As the founding creative director, Giselle infuses each client relationship and design oversight with strategic insight, patience, off-the-beaten-path ideas, and a go-getter mentality.

Giselle is relentless in improving her skills in business, strategy, design, and UI to better serve her team and clients.

Headshot Giselle Field, founding creative director, Wander Design Co.

Giselle Field

Founding Creative Director, Brand & Web Strategist
Project manager head shot

Amanda Rosellini

Project Manager
Design team member

Katie Cohen

Senior Designer

Ella Moyer

UX/Web Designer

Not Pictured:

Faralie Baguinon

Junior Designer & Artist

Caitlin Aboud

Brand Designer

Sandra Renman

Website Developer

Giselle is the co-host of Better: The Brand Designer Podcast. She and co-host Jen Davis have honest conversations about what it’s really like to run a design studio as well as give advice to other designers and foster community. Because “the only designer you need to be better than is the one you were yesterday.”

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