About Us

Fueled by adventure. Expressed by design.

Wander Design Co. is a boutique design studio that helps travel, recreation, and consumer companies to attract and retain their ideal customers by designing memorable brand experiences through strategic brand identities, websites, and graphic design services.

Our Mission

Draw out our clients adventurous brands.

To help brands leverage their adventurous spirits to build memorable experiences for their customers through visual communication.

Our Vision

Freedom and empowerment for all.

To help build movements and profitable businesses so that more people are free to live the lives they want and build a better world.

Our Values

Challenge Convention

Growth, authenticity, and innovation begins with breaking out of the status quo. We embrace what makes our clients unique rather than what's trending or what competitors are doing.


We know our strengths and weaknesses, so we encourage our clients to bring their experience to the table. Together, we create the most impactful solutions that are properly aligned with our client's vision.


Being intentional, analyzing what is and isn't working, and using our collective experiences provides us with a strategy that rapidly transports our clients from where they are to where they want to be.

Red Carpet Service

We go the extra mile for our clients by serving them with utmost trustworthiness, transparency, respect, reliability, patience, and our signature friction-free process.


We believe in keeping it simple, focusing on what's important, and working smart. We help clients optimize opportunities to automate, simplify, and amplify their efforts.


We owe our success to our clients and their success. We wake up grateful for another day for adventure, another opportunity to help, and another client that puts their trust in us.

Brands we look up to:

John Muir -- Patagonia -- Global Brigades -- Prana Clothing -- REI -- Camp 4 Collective

We Are Explorers

About Our Brand Archetype:

Wander Design Co. (WDC) was founded in December 2016 by Giselle Field as a solution for her wanderlust and passion for design. “The Explorer” is motivated by a powerful craving for new experiences and will do almost anything to avoid boredom and entrapment. Innovative and ambitious, we seek different perspectives and expanded horizons. We are known to push boundaries and delight in unexpected discoveries, embracing the “no limit” philosophy.

At the core of our archetype is the urge to hit the open road. Highly individualistic, we are generally ahead of mainstream thinking. We embrace change and the unknown that comes with it, as it signifies freedom. We are masters in the current age of working remote, from our home offices to crammed passanger seats on a roadtrip to camp chairs on endless wilderness.

We gain self-understanding by discovering the reflected self in the external world. Ultimately, we strive to be authentically true to ourselves while reconciling a way to still belong to a broader community - and our industry. We aren’t afraid to lead, thus enthusiastically guide others through unknown and difficult terrain - in wilderness and in business.

We understand there is no limit to becoming and no end to learning, therefore we cultivate growth through new experiences. We strongly believe in stepping out of the routine and becoming comfortable with taking risks. Here is where the real magic happens.

We values freedom and innovation. Meaning is derived from experientially discovering the world and the subsequent ability to align those outer realities with inner needs.

So, if we are speaking your language, let’s explore together.

Our Team

Giselle Field

Founding Creative Director

Giselle is the visionary behind our studio and specializes in expanding identities of outdoor, lifestyle, and travel companies. She has been a paid graphic design professional and outdoor enthusiast since 2011. Her life changed for the better after quitting her full-time design job in L.A. to hike the Pacific Crest Trail for three months and never looked back.

Giselle prides herself in constantly improving her skills in business, strategy, design, and user experience by reading books, taking courses, and attending conferences and workshops. Her biggest assets? Her patience and limitless attitude. Just ask our clients!

Wander Design Co. started as a one-woman show and has since expanded into an incredible small and nimble team of creatives. We grow as big or small as our clients need us to be!

Sheila San Juan

Senior Designer

Katie Cohen

Junior Designer

Leslie Mazzei

Project Manager

Tarik Jamil

Website Designer

Giselle is the co-host of Better: The Brand Designer Podcast. She and co-host Jen Davis have honest conversations about what it’s really like to run a design studio as well as give advice to other designers and foster community. Because “the only designer you need to be better than is the one you were yesterday.”

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We only take two new clients per month. This allows us the time to better serve our clients by exploring with them and plan their strategy at a deeper level. So, if you're considering working with us, get us on the phone soon.

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