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Need design work done, like, yesterday?

Book our team for the day with our new offer: Studio Day Rate. Launch special until May 1st!

We help consumer, travel, and recreation companies build memorable brands through effective and tasteful design.


Brand Identity Design

I need to improve my brand so that it reflects our big goals and increases our success. I need a streamlined, professional brand that provides an unforgettable experience.

Studio Day Rate

I need graphic design support for my growing brand. I need a swift and professional service with all the benefits of an in-house designer, but not the price of one.

Website Transformation

I need a solid website process to help my company visually communicate my marketing objectives and close the gap between my business and customers. 


Hey there! I’m Giselle, founding creative director at Wander Design Co. As our name suggests, we love to wander; hence, our adventurous design studio works remote from various places in the world. Our small team focuses on strategy, brand identity, graphic and web design for outdoor recreation, lifestyle, food & beverage, and travel companies.

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“We hired Giselle our first year of business to enhance our marketing and build a unique way to feature our business. We were honored as the Business of the Year by the City of Port Hueneme that same year!”

– Tony Suleiman, State Farm Insurance Agent


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